Why a dog

WHY get a DOG? Reasons to get a dog

Why get a dog? For some people, the reasons are very obvious and it would be practically impossible to picture their lives without a dog.

People who need dogs are very funny and have different motivations for this. For some of them, as the blind and the deaf, their dogs are lifesavers, something that provides them security and protection. Dogs, are very intelligent and in many cases can be trained to make their owner's life a lot easier. They can find lost or fallen objects, perform tasks that their masters would perform with difficulties, detect danger and consequently react: not crossing the street when they see cars approaching, or barking at intruders. For some others, as farmers, dogs are irreplaceable working tools because it would be really difficult to make some chores without them.

Dogs are the IDEAL PARTNER


Dogs are not less necessary for people with less concrete necessities. Dogs, faithful and generous by nature, offer help, friendship and a pair of ears that will listen to you without judging. There is nothing like coming back home, after a very hectic day at work and being received by such an unconditional friend as your dog, showing incredible signs of happiness. Dogs are always happy to see us, they are always ready to play and they are always happy to have us next to them. Many dogs seem to become infected with their master's mood: they quietly sit to listen to their masters while they tell them about the problems they have had at work and when the master gets over this bad mood, the dogs begin to jump and run as inviting their masters to enjoy life. designer dog collars

If a person is a dog lover, the dog can increases his quality of life and thanks in their loyalty and unconditional affection, also his trust in himself. A dog can even teach a shy boy to overcome his shyness by playing and communicating.


Numerous researches show the influence of a pet on the human's physical and emotional health. It is known that caressing a dog reduces the blood pressure and the cardiac frequency, and it has been proved that the dog owners have, in their majority, better health that the others, with less incidence of colds, infections and backaches. The lower incidence of depression among the dog owners is specially interesting because it seems to indicate that they are happier than the people who don't have dogs. Besides that, for people who live alone, a dog is not only a company, but also a rhythm to follow, a schedule to respect in order to satisfy their pet's needs.


A dog might improve the quality of your life, so turning into a dog owner means to increase the daily pleasures, not the motives for stress. However, if you are already a victim of the modern life (too much work, too little money, too little time for yourself), maybe a dog is not the most appropriate pet. The advantages of a dog are numerous, but you also have to keep in mind the mandatory responsibilities that come along with it: if you have any doubt, no matter how little it may be, do not go on: getting a dog is a lifetime commitment with the animal.

You will be responsible if your dog gets sick or is unhappy and if you don't have enough time or there is not enough space for the dog at home, or you won't be able to take it for a walk, maybe it won't be a good idea to have a dog. Are you sure you are not interested in any other pet? If not, you should know that you can enjoy dogs without owning one yourself. The canine shelters are usually in desperate need of volunteers to take the dogs for walks, socialize the puppies or help training the dogs.  Dog protection societies welcome any dog lover that who doesn't have a chance to own a dog with open arms as long as he offers help to collect funds or organize beneficial activities. And maybe then, you can take training classes that would take place around your area. Everything you may learn about this wonderful specie will be great for you in the future, when you can finally turn into a dog owner.


In the north hemisphere, they call "dog's days" to the warmest days of summer (that go from July 3rd To August 11th).The expression was started in the Mediterranean zone where from a long time ago, a day like this one used to be considered annoying and unhealthy. It was believed that on this time, dogs used to suffer craziness attacks and the Sirio Star or Dog's Star, when raising to the sun, increased the heat, making it even more suffocating.

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